“Tripple Effect” Face Kit

“Tripple Effect” Face Kit

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With this kit you will receive 

1 Face Bar

1 Face Toner

1 Face Moisturizer 


Step one: Apply soap on your face with your hands. (Hands must be washed first) 

Step two: Thoroughly rinse your face with your hands or a WHITE washcloth.

Step three: If you used your hands to rinse your face pat dry your face with a WHITE rag please make sure your face is DAMP. If you have washed your face off with the washcloth you move along to the next step. 

Step four: Spay around your face (3-4) sprays MAX. Allow your face to air dry. 

Step five: Once your face has dried you will now apply your “Face Fortune” Face moisturizer. 

Step six: Apply one drop on forehead, both cheeks, & chin. Use circular motion while rubbing it in.