“Climax” (Liquid 4 Play) Lube

“Climax” (Liquid 4 Play) Lube

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Looking to spice it up? “Liquid four play” is one of the best bedroom enhancers around: making sex wetter, slicker, more enjoyable, and longer-lasting. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable and flexible. “Liquid four play” makes the action feel fun and experimental.



Disclaimer: This product should not be used in combination with condoms. The oils used for this product   are known to break the latex down. Product contains lavender. 
🔴This product is NOT edible. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fermented Orgasm

Ok so I bought this oil maybe a year ago to support a black owned business but never really used it. It’s been on my dresser for a little over a year and last night I finally gave it a go. Baby when I say I put some where the sun don’t shine and just waited on my appointment that would be to me by 9pm. He was running a little late but something was being activated down there and I just couldn’t help myself! I started getting myself to climax until I was screaming! Oh but I never cancelled my appointment so when he came, he thoroughly enjoyed how wet and slippery she was. It was so good to him he kept trying to get more. Needless to say it is now 11am and now I can finally get some sleep. I’m worn OUT! Definitely get this oil! Don’t think, just buy! Whew!

wet wet

if your having any type of feminine issues this will point you towards the right direction ... its gentle , non irritating, and it does provide balance and moisture to the Vag.. will definitely shop again. COMMUNICATION is everything with this seller and I appreciate that

Suga Wallz
Manifest while using

All I can say is use with caution. As I exited my probation period (celibacy) I used the oil prior to my D appointment... at first I was like I want to add it after my shower before exploring my victim. Just a small drop on my clit and I promise you them solo nights with the climax oil had nothing on using it with a partner... thank goodness I wasn’t ovulating because the way I wet the bed from top to bottom mmmmhhhh I still feel her pulsating!!!! Go get y’all some hmmmmmmkkkk 😩

Black Snake Moan
Energy Drink Needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review from a mid 30's male. I took my lady to the sex hotel at the chobee. I used a drop on my finger and just rubbed in on lady parts in a massaging way.....that $40 I spent that night didn't go to waste and the $5 that this thing cost is definitely worth it!

Whew chile!!! Use RESPONSIBLY!!!

Maaan listen first of all I received it within 2-3 days and customer service is EXCELLENT!!! We received it on my bday and I was sooo anxious to use it so I stroked a little onto the “D”and jumped right on... it was wet but nothing major AT FIRST... so I check in wit D and ask her a few questions and proceeded to try it again.. only this time I rubbed it on my clit... maaaan let me tell y’all how after a couple of rubs of the thigh I was “sitting in a puddle” so at this point I’m ready afaf... so he starts to “hit it from the back” we both had my juices dripping down our legs... DO NOT USE THIS “voodoo pu$$y drip” if you’re OVULATING!!! (Unlesss you’re trying for a little one)!!! You have to try it for yourself!!!