“Pearl Me Clean” Yoni Pearls (3 TOTAL)

“Pearl Me Clean” Yoni Pearls (3 TOTAL)

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The pearls are used to cleanse a woman’s womb and to try to restore the vagina's ability back to normal. The pearls cure fungal vaginal infections, PCOS, fibroids, bad odors and endometriosis. The pearl is also known for tightening the vagina.


Must drink a lot of water while using this product. 


“Pearl Me Clean” instructions:




1.Wash your hands and vagina,

  1. Open  the bag
  2. Pull out the string of the tampon;
  3. Insert the tampon inside vagina approximately 7 cm deep (leave the string outside)
  4. One tampon can be used for 2-3 days (must remove it after 3 days)
  5. Clean vagina with warm water
  6. Insert next tampon 24 hours later after removing the first one;

  8. 3 pcs yoni pearl constitutes a complete treatment





1. Should not be used by pregnant women and during menstruation (wait 3 days after last day menstruation)

2. Do not use on allergic patients

3. Discontinue use if abnormal reaction occurs or itching and painful vulvae. Wait 1-2 days and continue use after symptoms disappear.

4. Never use excessive force.


Storage: Sealed and Kept in Cool and Dry Place


Shelf Life: 24 months


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