“B L A C K” African Black Liquid Soap

“B L A C K” African Black Liquid Soap

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*Not suggested for sensitive skin*

1. Ideal for oily and acne prone skin

2. Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory properties

3. Helps treat acne and reduces dark spots                    

4. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

5. Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots

6. Helps reduce razor bumps

7. Makeup Remover

8. Helps reduce the impact of eczema and psoriasis

9. Naturally exfoliating.                                                       

10. Reduces oily skin                                                              

11. Firms and tones skin                                                          

12. Can be used in hair and on body


Ingredients: water, plantain skin, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark, rosehips, jojoba oil, tea tree